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Green Leads is India's leading provider of marketing lists, running through the GreenPenn Outsourcing Business Advisory. The Green Leads platform is a leader in its field, with dozens of great features specifically designed to help one discover new customers and grow a business with high-quality prospects and unlimited access.

Business services

The Green Leads Directory provides you with data relevant to any statistics that you require with 100% accuracy, along with dedicated account managers who provide customized solutions supported by the data mining committee. This committee works with outsourcing partners from the US, Canada, Singapore, Middle East and major corporations in Australia to cater to clients across the globe.

We use hundreds of demographics and collective data points to help our clients distinguish themselves in their fields and to their clients. A massive amount of quality technology, development, and quality data are required to get this done, and as a service provided by Green Leads, we assure the highest quality service and cooperation with our clients. Companies and decision-makers consume less time looking for the lead lists. Whether you're a business owner, vendor or marketing manager, you can feed your pipeline using Green Leads to find your B2B & B2C leads.

Various Sectors

All B2B lists and consumer lists are part of a larger repository system. Green Leads indulge in different sectors of industry type marketing solutions, have a business type database for every profession that one can imagine.

We provide marketing solutions for various sectors of the market utilizing an unrivalled business type database. We aid our clients in reaching out to a target demographic or finding insights using our comprehensive and updated database. Classifying the appropriate audience reduces half the marketing burden of the client’s mind and by knowing the buyer’s perceptions, it is easy to target the correct audience and get leads to develop business on a larger scale.

Our experienced agents have in-depth industry experience. Our business model is based on the ability to accommodate our client's complex, varied and dynamic needs. Many of our clients are the leading companies in the industry that worked in regulated industries.

The Green Leads Marketing List Provider directly connects with some of the leading sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate, technology and is best suited for digital marketing, telemarketing, lead generation firms, NGOs and other services such as the Pan India Email Database.

Pan India Email Database Pack

Pan India Email Database Pack is a Database Master product, and Database Master is a leading provider of quality business and consumer mailing lists. We offer millions of consumer and business listings at affordable prices. Get the most useful and accurate technical users when going to your ideal marketing clients using email lists.


Telemarketing is an exceptionally dynamic marketing approach. Telemarketing businesses continue to be one of the most useful channels to develop businesses across boundaries and aid in increasing revenues. Relationship building is one of the best B2B sales strategies. It is essential to create personal relationships with customers and get to know about their interests, attitudes, and motivations. Improve your data, build a pipeline, and increase sales efforts and customer success, by using Green Leads’ telemarketing service.


Demographic sheets examine the implications of global population trends in terms of India's competitiveness in outsourcing inland and offshore. The demographic with the maximum income has occupied all sectors of global outsourcing and offshoring, and has provided India with an opportunity to maintain its growth rate.

Green Leads is one of the best data mining companies that comes with the entire set of data for the best usage for its choicest customers across the globe.

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