Let's Intoxicate Outsourcing Space

Win Friends and Influence People: As an a person we should not criticise, condemn or complain but give honest feedbacks with sincere appreciation. Remember to Smile to show genuine interest. Must use the person name as its the most sweetest to that person and is the same in any language. If you are a good listener you encourage other to talk about themselves. This encouragement will make other feel important and shows your genuine interest. The only way to get best of an argument is to avoid it. Never say "You are wrong", show respect in your opinion. Begin in a friendly way and get other person saying "Yes, Yes". Let the other person feel the Idea is his or her and honestly try to see things from his or her view. Dramatise your idea and throw down a challenge. Use encouragement, make the fault seem easy to correct.

Break the worry habit before it break you.

  1. Keep Busy
  2. Don't fuss about riffles
  3. Use the law of average to outlaw your worries

More technically in Outsourcing we should be prepared

  1. Are you really want to help the client? Remember any client gives you an extended arm of his sales, management, finance or HR team. Its only you who can justify his decision of outsourcing. Just keeping your profit at centre will not workout for the client. As a centre you should be focusing on customer service, quality and pre defined systems.
  2. Team plays a major role, An excellent management team is a handicap without a good team and visa versa. Management should identify the right team by checking their past experiences and why they left their previous organization. Creating a ethical and and go getter team is must who work closely with management to achieve client's goal.
  3. Compliances is the major part people pay less attention to. Due to increase in frauds and fake call centres, we get to listen many news daily of duping US citizens. This should be a worry for a legit contact centres. They should follow at lease basic guidelines of DOT by acquiring OSP, Should comply to TCPA and GDPR rules. Should have customer data security and web security. A centre should have all agreements or contracts in place. It is better to have the centre audited by ISO or CMMI for better trust in market to get more business and more importantly it will secure client, centre and outsourcers.
  4. Nothing comes for free. If an outsourcer is charging you an amount its your duty to check what are the components involved. Outsourcer should have a direct client and should be ready for direct client signups. A genuine outsourcer should not have middlemen, broker or subagents to get the projects, even if they are involved this will increase the acquisition costs. Centre should be educated about migration, Technical specifications, Process flow, compliances and paper works. Its the duty of outsourcers to manage the expectation of centre and client. Centre should be ready to pay a legitimate price for the support given by outsourcer to get the migration done in smooth manner.

GreenPenn Outsourcing Business Advisory understands the basic needs of a startup to enterprise level of contact centres and keep client at the centre of every discussion. Compliance to secure project and centre by governing the international laws is our highest priority. GreenPenn initiatives of Anti-Upfront movement is a great success which given advantages of multiple contact centres in India and abroad. If your are concerned about projects and how to initiate with almost 100% foolproof planning and execution, get in touch with us now and help us intoxicating the industry by joining hands.