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Fedup of BPO Scammers?

January 17, 2018 | Neeraj Goel

if you are a budding BPO service provider or looking to start one, the first thing comes in your mind is how to get genuine projects! I think its something that goes with the business industry unfortunately, and for that matter with many other industries. I would recommend trying to work with a company that is recognized by the international organizations that qualify the service providers, and if in the USA, work with a company headquartered there.

Now loking into the scenario that you got fed up with scammers means you had already burnt your fingers, the question is why. The probable answer you are a small BPO firm, do not mind me saying this but I have experienced this myself and seen that most of the small BPO firms will hop with vendors to get a project, they would just talk over phone and exchange some emails read the NDA and a fake SLA, sign them online and exchange the same via email, then a training session over phone (no video) and some Indian guy with heavy accent for a particular country would spit on the other end.

Come out of it. the very basic first thing you need to do, STOP asking for projects, your question yourself will again land you to another scammer who might be looking for his new prey. It is like you yourself are saying come on dog bite me.

Yes, anyone can find a genuine client. But it needs hardwork, patience and good due diligence skills. There are 100s of BPO companies working and getting paid.

It seems you have been tricked in to FRAUD Consultancy and you want Process without UPFRONT ! Well Good Idea but what makes you think Honest Consultant can give you projects without Upfront especially in this dirty market? If you go this way you may get it for FREE but there is any guarantee it will work out or get paid on time ? NOT All Consultants are SCAMMERS out there, you should allow to have GOOD ones too.

It will be better to do research about the person very well before you get projects from them.See if they provide you all means of communication for getting into touch with having presence in Social Media with Genuine Identity.

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