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Demand Creation

August 2, 2017 | Neeraj Goel

Demand creation is about educating consumers about why they need a new product or service. Frankly speaking, we as consumers “don’t know what we don’t know.” This is when demand creation tactics are especially effective:

The launch of a new market category. When the iPod came out, no one was thinking that they needed a small, portable device that could hold thousands of songs in their pocket. If Apple hadn’t first created demand, why would consumers have cared about the iPod?

The launch of a new product or improved product. When a new product is introduced, a seed needs to be planted in the minds of consumers. It’s true that most people who hear or see the message won’t respond, but a percentage will, and those may begin to seek out this product. Movie trailers can be extremely effective at generating interest in a new or established franchise.

Promotion of an existing product or service. Much like the launch of a new product or improved product, demand creation tactics are needed to continue planting the seed in the consumer’s mind. Almost every consumer has a problem or need that they don’t yet know about, but once they see or hear about a solution, they will have that “aha moment”. Television commercials are very adept at keeping consumers aware about a particular brand.