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August 25, 2017 | Neeraj Goel

We follow the customer service trends from ages and still we are confused with care and service. Today when we are in a world of "as a service" i.e. Software as a service, HR as a Service, Cloud as a service, Platform as a Service blah blah..Have we ever thought of Care as a service, may be we know this notion but never thought to document it. We currently take care and service as two different terms however if we start taking care as a service you will feel the diefference in current customer service you are providing to your customers. Care as a service simply means start caring for customer as a job and infuse is it in your 24x7 daily routine. We have to keep customer as the center of everything. Caring for customer is a service for you however for customer its the value preposition you giving to him. He feel valued as a customer and stick to you for a longer time.Other thing where the service of caring failed is a tussle situation with customer, most of the newly customer service agents or professionals makes a mistake of avoiding difficult customers. BING! this is the time to stick to them. The more you stick to difficult customer in his difficult time of getting something out from you, the more trust and confidence you gain from him. If we ignore the difficult customer we tend to lose credibility, customer it self, trust and most importantly few more customers because of bad mouth publicity. Remember, difficult customer are best win for us because they feel valued when we stick to them as their bad customer experience time and we can expect high marks if we resolve the issue on time and make them feel "yes we are there for you every time and anytime".