Identifying best contact centres for your valuable project to increase profitability

Everyone will agree to fish market trends on outsourcing business. Almost all of them are fishing and looking for a good catch! More than 80% of Indians call center get shut down within the first three months of the incorporation. The most common reason is lack of business knowledge, not taking proper consulting service or even getting in hands of middlemen and crooks!

It is very important for both the project providing company and the contact centre to understand the core domains of each other. There are companies who are outsourcing their project for the first time and there are again first timers in contact centre business. Both first timers are inexperienced in project management and delivery, which causes issues in the initial stage and both drop the ball even before the project launch!

It is then becomes a very vital and important duty of a consultant who are acting as a bridge between the project owner company and the contact centres to guide them. Consultant should get the right contact centres for the first timer outsourcing company and also should identify a tested project to new centres to begin with.

An outsourcing Advisory company should get the best suited projects to contact centres depends on their core domain as finance, healthcare, technology, telecom, legal etc. once the domain is identified then should be suggested the type of projects as customer service, marketing, appointment setting or sales. Most of the new contact centre startup’s wants to start with back office projects just to avoid investment in voice based projects, it then they become soft targets of fishermen of the industry and lose everything they invest.

GreenPenn holds a network of more than 100 contact centres in just India and 150 collectively across the globe. These contact centres come with a range of services from inbound service to outbound and back office to white paper campaigns! We understand and do complete pre migration analysis to identify best project for startup centres and best centres for the campaign owners!

As an advisory GreenPenn invites all the companies who are looking to outsource their functions like building up sales funnel, setting up sales appointments, lead generations campaigns, setting up a customer care unit or just a simple white paper mailing campings. Our best contact centre network and more than 13 years of consulting experience guarantees the best delivery and the smoothest project migration and management. Contact us Now!