How authentic are your BPO projects?

This is the a question a professional outsourcing consulting advisor face every day. Second major question is on authenticity of the consultant itself. Questioning a project or consultant is absolutely correct however more Important is the source of a question. This is majorly asked by a brand new setup with as minimum seating capacity of ten agents, without any BPO management experience, newly registered company or sometime just a proprietary firm. Please be aware that, if a client who is well established business with 100s of millions Dollar, why would he outsource anything to startup BPO without experience! That’s when a consulting agency plays a vital role of managing the client expectations and also securing the business interest of the contact centre. A consultant should not be shouting to prove its authenticity in fact it should be checked by the contact centres who are looking for projects and then establish a contact with a consulting firm. An advisory firm is a bridging mechanism between the contact centre and an outsourcing client. It is consultant’s duty to get the expected qualitative productivity from a contact centre and also should secure the contact centre on timely payouts, training support, project management guidance, management development programs. Also, an advisory firm should secure the data and confidential information of all its contact centres even if they are running same projects. Some newbies ask for reference centres but they forget to notice that tomorrow there centre can also be shown as references. We should know that “there is nothing called Reference Centre”. It’s a myth. No contact centre entertain any visitor just to showcase their work and existing projects! New centre should always focus on:

If any centre wants to grow steady (not fast) with long term goal in mind, they should create a core management and operations team. Projects may be multiple but the core team should be one!


Neeraj Goel