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HR : +91 7387361471       |       Sales Support : +91 94223 24553 Time : 9AM - 8PM INDIA
International Sales Support : 66925 84696 Time : 9AM - 8PM EST USA

News Flash! Awarded for "Consultant of the year 2019-20" - Business Connect Magazine

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Consultancy at it's best with GreenPenn

More Resons to trust! Greenpenn is awarded as best outsourcing consultant 2019

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    Consultancy At It's Best With GreenPenn

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    100% payment protection and complete sence of authenticity!

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    Member of American Board Of Accreditation Services #0318QMS2480 & ISO 9001:2015 QMS

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    Among India's Top 20 Outsourcing Business Consultants

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Code Name Type Country Payout Allocations
USC US Chat Non-Voice United States $9 /Hr. Open
DMB001 Domestic Voice India Upto 120 INR /Hr Open
IMPEX International Appointment Generation World Wide 45,000 INR/Seat Open
CDBL International Outbound Canada 1,500 CAD/Seat Open
CDSH International Outbound Canada 40,000 INR/Seat Open
CDSHLG International Outbound Canada 10 USD/Lead Open
RGRCAD International Outbound Canada 55,000 INR /Seat Open
IBDMED Blend Voice India Upto 120 INR /Hr Open
TELOB 1 Canadian Telecom 1 Voice Canada 60% Revenue Sale Open
TELOB 2 Canadian Telecom 2 Voice Canada 50 Cad /Sale Open
TELOB 3 Canadian Telecom 3 Voice Canada 35 Cad /Sale Open
ADLG Domestic Lead Generation Voice India 35k /Seat Open
DOBB01 Domestic Outbound Banking Voice India 32,000 /FTE Open
DRPDOM DRP Semi-Voice India 5 Rs. /Entry(First Payout) Open
DOBB03 Domestic Banking Back Office Non-Voice India 30,000 /FTE Closed
DOBB02 Domestic Outbound Banking Support Semi-Voice India 30,000 /FTE Closed
UKTEL International Outbound United Kingdom Upto 40 GBP /Lead Closed
DDVS DVS Non-Voice India Upto 1 INR /Record Closed
INCDR CDR Non-Voice International (US / UK / Canada) $4 /Hr. Closed
CADIBFP International Inbound Canada 1000 CAD/FTE Closed
WEBD International IT/Development World Wide 800 USD/Month Per Client Closed
USHR International Outbound United States 38,000 INR /Seat Closed
IIBDMAN International Inbound Voice United States 49,000 INR /Month Closed
IBDMAN Domestic Inbound Voice India 43,000 INR /Month Closed
CPWA CPA Accounting Back Office United States / United Kingdom 600-1600 USD /Seat Closed
UST US Budget Holiday & Travel Voice Process United States 49k /Seat Closed
UKT UK (BHT) Voice United Kingdom 49k /Seat Closed
MUFU Business Loan Voice United States $100 /File Closed
NVDPS DPS Non-Voice International (Australia / Canada) 0.50 Inr in Rs. /Entry Closed
UDIB US Inbound Voice United States 48k /Seat Closed
EDV Domestic Education Voice India 25k /Seat Closed

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