GreenPenn Outsourcing Business Advisory

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International Sales Support : 66925 84696 Time : 9AM - 8PM EST USA

Authorised Consulting Partner (ACP) Opportunity

If you have good business network and want to cash it, We can help you with projects, leads and support to close deals!

Are you a startup Contact Center?

If you are a startup and mid size contact center and stuck in "what to do" situation, let us rescue you.

Choose GreenPenn Wings

though there are hundreds of reasons to choose greenPenn Wings, we are listing few for you.

Code Name Type Country Payout
USC US Chat Non-Voice United States $9 /Hr.
UST US Budget Holiday & Travel Voice Process United States 49k /Seats
UKT UK (BHT) Voice United Kingdom 49k /Seats
MUFU Merchant Funding Voice United States $100 /File
TELOB 1 Canadian Telecom 1 Voice Canada 60% Revenue Sale
TELOB 2 Canadian Telecom 2 Voice Canada 50 Cad /Sale
TELOB 3 Canadian Telecom 3 Voice Canada 35 Cad /Sale
DRPDOM DRP Semi-Voice India 5 Rs. /Entry(First Payout)
INCDR CDR Non-Voice International (US / UK / Canada) $4 /Hr.
NVDPS DPS Non-Voice International (Australia / Canada) 0.50 Inr in Rs. /Entry
ADLG Domestic Lead Generation Voice India 35k /Seat
UDIB US Inbound Voice United States 48k /Seat
EDV Domestic Education Voice India 25k /Seat

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